Custom OEM and Branded Tablets for your company

TabletKiosk can develop custom Tablet configurations and looks with your company’s branding to help bring a professional polish to any project.

Imagine being able to deliver to your customer a tablet solution that bears your company’s logo as opposed to a standard off the shelf solution. Additionally, Tablets by TabletKiosk are built for business. This means systems powerful enough to run full desktop applications on Microsoft® Windows® 10, or nimble enough to run apps on a flavor of Android OS, and rugged enough to be used day in and day out without failing.

TabletKiosk can provide:

  • Conceptual design and prototyping
  • Final manufacturing and finished goods
  • Customized IDs for existing Tablet PC designs for rapid and cost efficient deployment
  • Low Minimum System Quantity requirements for unbranded versions of TabletKiosk systems
  • Full array of peripheral and complementary accessories
  • Highly configurable system solutions to fit a wide variety of project requirements
  • Quality Assurance and World Class Technical Support and Repair Services
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Sale Staff will help you create the perfect solution
  • International and U.S. Domestic Sales