Private Label and Unbranded/OEM Tablet PC Solutions

TabletKiosk can develop custom Tablet configurations and looks with your company’s branding to help bring a professional polish to any project.

Imagine being able to deliver to your customer a tablet solution that bears your company’s logo as opposed to a standard off the shelf solution. Additionally, Tablets by TabletKiosk are built for business. This means systems powerful enough to run full desktop applications on Microsoft® Windows® 10, or nimble enough to run apps on a flavor of Android OS, and rugged enough to be used day in and day out without failing.

Leverage our Tablet expertise and manufacturing relationships the next time you are deploying a tablet based technology solution.


OEM Expertise

TabletKiosk has been custom building tablets for companies large and small for over 16 years.


We have worked with factories around the world. And know how to get projects completed.



We take your business seriously and promise to deliver the tablet solution that works for you.



We will stand behind and support you through manufacturing and beyond product delivery.

TabletKiosk can provide:

  • Conceptual design and prototyping
  • Final manufacturing and finished goods
  • Customized IDs for existing Tablet PC designs for rapid and cost efficient deployment
  • Low Minimum System Quantity requirements for unbranded versions of TabletKiosk systems
  • Full array of peripheral and complementary accessories
  • Highly configurable system solutions to fit a wide variety of project requirements
  • Quality Assurance and World Class Technical Support and Repair Services
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Sale Staff will help you create the perfect solution
  • International and U.S. Domestic Sales