About TabletKiosk

About TabletKiosk

TabletKiosk is a manufacturer and distributor of Windows, Android and Linux compatible Tablet PCs—and business focused accessories—designed for enterprise and professional use. Our signature Tablet PCs combine the performance and familiarity of the full Microsoft Windows Pro Operating System (x86/x64 architecture) with powerful Intel® Core™ processors, along with an ecosystem of accessories, legacy and modern I/O ports, full wireless connectivity, voice and handwriting recognition, hot swappable batteries that are user replaceable, and a wide selection of VESA standard mounting solutions.

As one of the original Tablet PC OEM computer manufactures, TabletKiosk has established long term, strategic relationships with numerous Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the Healthcare and Hospitality markets. These strategic partners regularly integrate their software or technical solutions with our Tablet PCs to create new, purpose-based computers including mobile and mounted solutions for School Nutritional Services Departments, Casino Gaming, Point of Sale (POS) and M2M Diagnostic Control.

To address stringent Return on Investment (ROI) requirements, TabletKiosk maintains a business model and product development lifecycle that is inherently different from companies that market their products to consumers. To extend our customers’ ROI, all TabletKiosk computers incorporate longer than average lifecycles (typically 2 – 3 years) between product refreshes and utilize components from our partners’ embedded roadmaps to help ensure long-term availability. In fact, some of our biggest customers originally came to TabletKiosk specifically because we were one of the few companies that could offer a consistent Bill of Materials (BOM) over the course of several years as a mandatory factor in the Scope of Work.

Additionally, TabletKiosk products are designed to be “backwards compatible” with the current generation’s accessories and peripherals. This typically means that next generation Tablet PCs will be able to utilize many of the current generation’s accessories, thus adding additional value to a business’ initial investment by allowing for a less expensive and intrusive upgrade path.

Private Label and OEM Tablet PC Solutions

TabletKiosk is one of the only Tablet PC manufacturers that offers customers options for unbranded OEM and private label Tablet PCs. TabletKiosk can custom configure an existing model for specific customer needs, or fully design, prototype and deliver new mobile solutions to suit individual project needs with low minimum order quantities at competitive rates.

Reseller Channel

In addition to working directly with ISVsand VARs, TabletKiosk has a distribution pipeline to support our network of TabletKiosk Authorized Resellers. If you are interested in becoming a reseller of TabletKiosk products, please contact our corporate sales department, or one of our Distribution partners in the U.S.:

TabletKiosk is headquartered in Torrance, CA, with global manufacturing and distribution partnerships.