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TuffPad12-Key Membrane Pin Pad


The TabletKiosk TuffPad comes standard as USB-Virtual Serial, can also be programmed as USB-HID. It has a 12-key flat membrane layout with braille keys, is fully programmable. Fully compatible with all major School Nutrition POS Applications. Comes with protective Rubber Case.

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The TuffPad is a fully programmable LCD mini-terminal. The Mini Data Terminal supports simple and complex re-programmable key macros and system configurations. Can be easily reprogrammed without being connected to a host device.

TuffPad’s are ideal whenever you need to add a user interface to a machine, device or process. The possibilities are endless — TuffPad’s are right at home whether connected to PCs, printers, automation or industrial control PLC systems, cash registers or other POS terminals, electronic musical instruments, high-speed video cameras, security systems, CNC mill control and industrial pendants, access control systems and digital signage — just to name a few.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Operates in standard terminal or line-edit (pin-pad) mode
  • 12 keys: sealed membrane, 20 million operations
  • Braille Keys
  • Rubber Protective Case included
  • x super-twist back-lit LCD (sealed)
  • Detachable USB Type A Male to USB Type B Male Cable (Included)
  • Detachable Serial Cable and Power supply can be purchased separately as DB9KIT
  • Selectable USB virtual serial and USB HID keyboard functionality
  • Ethernet device server, Ethernet virtual COM port option
  • Internal buzzer/alarm/audible key beeper
  • “Flash” memory holds key data and settings
  • Will work with legacy COM port applications
  • Supports internal devices such as: Barcode scanner
  • Automated LCD screen (Scripting mode)
  • 2-year warranty

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