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Genovation MiniTerm 904-RJ 12-Key Membrane Pin Pad


The Genovation 904 comes standard as USB-Virtual Serial, can also be programmed as USB-HID or Serial RS232, and has a 12-key flat membrane layout and is fully programmable.

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The Genovation MiniTerm 904-RJ is a fully programmable LCD mini-terminal. The MiniTerm 904-RJ supports simple and complex re-programmable key macros and system configurations. Includes detachable USB cable for easy setup. DB9KIT is available separately for Serial connection and different applications.

Genovation’s MiniTerms are ideal whenever you need to add a user interface to a machine, device or process. The possibilities are endless — MiniTerms are right at home whether connected to PCs, printers, automation or industrial control PLC systems, cash registers or other POS terminals, electronic musical instruments, high-speed video cameras, security systems, CNC mill control and industrial pendants, access control systems and digital signage — just to name a few.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Operates in standard terminal or line-edit (pin-pad) mode
  • 12 keys: sealed membrane 20 million operations
  • 1 x 16 super-twist back-lit LCD (sealed)
  • Fully-programmable serial settings & key table
  • Detachable USB Cable (Included)
  • Detachable Serial Cable and Power supply can be purchased separately as DB9KIT
  • RS232C compliant (full-duplex), supports a wide variety of baud rates and word formats
  • Selectable USB virtual serial and USB HID keyboard functionality
  • Internal buzzer/alarm/audible key beeper
  • “Flash” memory holds key data and settings
  • Includes Genovation re-programming software “MacroMaster232” for easy customization & setup
  • Will work with legacy COM port applications
  • LCD Smartie (serial LCD) plug-in available
  • Automated LCD screen (Scripting mode)
  • 1 year warranty