TST800 Mobile Temperature Screening Terminal


  • Quad Core Arm Cortex CPU (1.80GHz)
  • 8.0″ LCD with 800×1280@60Hz
  • Full HD (1920×1080) camera with F3.6mm aperture
  • Advanced thermal imaging for rapid contact-less temperature screening
  • Binocular facial recognition that works even when subject is wearing a mask
  • WiFi, 3G/4G wireless connectivity
  • VESA 75 mounting options
  • 300Wh Battery Pack
  • TK-2-Go Mobile Mounting Pole

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NOTE: This product is subject to a $4.00/unit state imposed Electronic Waste Fee when shipped to an address within California.

Made in California certified


TST800 Temperature Screening Terminals are powerful, mobile PPE kiosk devices that utilize a quad core Arm® Cortex® CPU and advanced dual thermal/light cameras to enable rapid, contact-less temperature screening and accurate facial recognition of up to 30 people per minute. Featuring an advanced, dual thermal imaging and distribution process, the TST800 can accurately measure a person’s heat distribution (both facial and body) to calculate a more precise overall temperature to help ensure the safety of all employees and customers. With a wide array of networking capabilities, the TST800 can rapidly compare facial captures (even if wearing a mask) to a local or cloud-based database for immediate worker identification and security.

TST800 Temperature Screening Terminals are compatible with the TK2Go Mobile Kiosks.

Additional information


quad core Arm® Cortex®


2.0 GB DDR3L

Data Drive




1920×1080 / 1920×1080 Binocular Single Lens
F3.6mm aperture
H.265/H.264/MP/HP/MJPEG formats supported

Facial Recognition

1.2m ~ 2.2m height
0.3 ~ 0.5m distance
20~30 people per minute
mask detection

I/O Ports

1x 100MBit Ethernet (RJ45)
1x TTL
1x RS-485
2x Wiegand
1x RS-232
3.5mm Combo Audio In/Out
DC 12V


WiFi + 3G/4G WWAN

Facial Database

30,000 people (extensible)
Name and custom information broadcast & display


Aluminum alloy case with tempered glass panel
-10°C ~ +55°C
10 ~ 90% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
<16W power consumption


Why TabletKiosk?

TabletKiosk has been a leading mobile computer manufacturer since 2003. The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of commercial grade mobile computing solutions and surrounding ecosystem for the hospitality and educational markets. The company’s mobile computing systems are in thousands of schools around the country. 

Unlike many competitors who have no experience with mobile computing platforms, TabletKiosk is exclusively focused in developing market leading mobile computing hardware platforms supporting Microsoft Windows, Android, Chrome and Linux operating systems.

What is the TST800?

Developed by TabletKiosk, the TST800 is a fully mobile battery operated artificial intelligence (AI) based system for screening and detecting individuals with an elevated temperature. The TST800 utilizes facial recognition and a thermal camera to identify individuals with a fever quickly and efficiently. An elevated temperature is a possible key indicator of an infectious disease. The TST800 is a non-contact based system which minimizes the chances of spreading infection.

Utilizing a facial recognition AI app with a thermal imaging camera integrated within a Android tablet, the TST800 platform automatically alerts the user when a scanned individual’s temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold, allowing for immediate intervention.

Being able to quickly and efficiently identify individuals with an elevated body temperature is key to detecting and isolating those individuals that require additional medical tests in order to minimize the spread of a virus as well as prevent cross contamination.

Is the TST800 Hardware or Software?

Both. We provide a hardware platform, consisting of an Android tablet with thermal imaging camera, an external removable battery pack, and an AI software suite including both a Facial Recognition and Thermal Reading app.

Is any interaction required to operate?

No. The TST800 is touchless and requires no interaction by an operator.  A student or employee just needs to stand in front of the terminal for approximately three (3) seconds.


How is the TST800 different from other thermal devices?

Mobility with facial recognition. The TST800 is a fully mobile multifaceted solution. The TST800 has a proprietary facial recognition and temperature AI algorithm that detects and isolates an individual’s forehead which overlays the thermal detection to identify the indicative temperature to detect a possible fever. A secure administrator accessible database logs the temperature of each identified individual for later review when necessary.

Most other thermal devices are non-mobile systems and only provide the thermal detection. 





Thermal Imaging



40+ Hours of Battery life


Ethernet Connection


Facial Recognition


Gate Control


Screening Data Storage


RS232 Communication


Do you detect body temperature or skin temperature?

Skin Temperature. The TST800 reads the skin temperature of the region of an individual's forehead which has a direct correlation to the temporal artery. The temporal artery's frontal branch contains blood vessels that run across the forehead just below the skin and when the body’s core temperature increases, the forehead surface temperature increases.

The TST800 terminal will alert when the forehead skin temperature exceeds 99.0°F. The threshold for alert is adjustable by the administrator. There are a number of variables that could impact the accuracy of surface skin temperature measurement including, but not limited to indoor/outdoor air temperature, alcohol consumption, exercise, wind chill and/or direct sunlight.

Does the TST800 operate outdoors?

No. The TST800 is designed for optimal performance within an enclosed environment with stable air temperatures. We do not recommend the unit to be deployed in unprotected outdoor environments. If the unit must be outside, we recommend the unit be placed in a shaded and protected area to avoid false readings.

How do I know if someone has a fever?

If a person has a skin temperature over the default limit of 99.0°F, a visual display will show the skin temperature reading and an audio tone will sound. Letting the operator know a secondary screening may be necessary.

How fast does the system scan?

3 seconds.  The terminal scans at a rate of approximately 3 seconds per user.

Does the TST800 capture and store data?

Yes.  The terminal can be configured by the Administrator to capture and store scanned data.  This feature may be disabled.

What do I get with my purchase?

The TST800 system includes:

  • Android Device
  • Thermal Imaging Camera (integrated within the Tablet)
  • Facial recognition application
  • Mobile height adjustable mounting pole (TK-2-GO Platform)
  • Battery Pack

How long will the TST800 run on a single charge?

40+ hours. The TST800 comes with a user serviceable 300whr Battery Pack providing 40+ hours* of uninterrupted operation on a single charge.

*Actual battery life may vary from user to user based on usage model.

How accurate is the TST800?

±0.5° F. The TST800 utilizes a medical grade thermal sensor which provides an indicative temperature of possible fever by measuring the forehead skin temperature by using thermal imaging within an accuracy of ±0.5° F. This allows the operator to identify a possible elevated temperature in an individual and process for secondary screening.

Is there an API/SDK available?

Yes.  Custom modifications for user specific usage models can be developed as a separate service by TabletKiosk and our partners.  Please contact your account manager for further discussion.

What is the warranty?

1 Year. The TST800 terminal comes with a twelve (12) month manufacturer warranty. The battery pack being a consumable component, has a separate warranty of six (6) months against manufacturing defects.

Can I repurpose the TST800 post the COVID-19 crisis?

Yes. Some of the environments that the system can be used in are:

  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Automated Time clock
  • Identity Assurance for exams
  • Physical Access Control
  • Utilized in place of PIN Pads (Nutritional POS)

Is the TST800 AB-1584 Compliant?

Yes.  The system can be set to scan only and not store data. If the administrator chooses to store scanned data, the data is stored in a secure file accessible only by administrator level users.

How can I receive support?

Call the US based TabletKiosk support team at +1 310 782-1201 or email us at support@tabletkiosk.com.

Do you have any Disclaimers?

Yes. Our legal team is pretty adamant that we disclose the following:

  • The TST800 is not a medical device and is not intended for any diagnosis or clinical measurements
  • The TST800 is only to be used to perform a preliminary screening.
  • The TST800 provides only forehead skin temperature.
  • The TST800 cannot detect internal core temperature.

Are you FDA Approved?

The TST800 Non-Contact Thermal Imaging Device is fully compliant as an approved device, within the FDA Enforcement Policy for Telethermographic Systems during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency: Docket Number: FDA-2020-D-1138.