Flush Wall Mount


Mounting plate attaches flush to wall for low profile attachment of Sahara Slate PC and Sahara NetSlate Tablet PCs. Includes area to

Works in conjunction with Sahara branded VESA Mounting Plates (TK-5XX-VESA or TK-4XX VESA) and Docking Cradles (TK-5XX-DOCK, TK-5XX-DOCK-QR, TK-4XX-DOCK, or TK-4XX-DOCK-QR). Mounting plate also features VESA 75/100mm compatible screw holes and may be attached to VESA compatible mounts.

Estimated delivery by 07/14/2020

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Flush Wall Mount for Sahara Slate PC and Sahara NetSlate Tablet PCs is a durable, light weight metal plate that is perfect for mounting a Tablet PC to a wall where a low profile is required.

At only about 1″ deep, the touch screen on a Sahara Slate PC will stick out less than 3″ from the face of the wall. The plate includes a space for mounting the system’s AC power adapter, and includes enough space from the back of the system to conceal the adapter’s cabling for a clean, professional look.

Package includes double-sided tape to attach the AC adapter, and four (4) mounting screws to secure the VESA mounting plate or docking cradle (both sold separately) to the wall mount.

VESA Mounting Plate (TK-5XX-VESA, TK-5XX-VESA-QR, TK-4XX-VESA, TK-4XX-VESA-QR) or Docking Cradle (TK-5XX-DOCK, TK-5XX-DOCK-QR, TK-4XX-DOCK, or TK-4XX-DOCK-QR) required and sold separately.

Mounting screws to attach plate to a wall are not included as they will vary depending on the construction and materials of the wall onto which the system will be mounted.