photo of Martin Smekal

Martin Smekal

Co-Founder, President and CEO

When he's not straightening the pictures on the wall, you'll find Martin buried beneath a pile of spreadsheets, and whatever you do, don't call him Marty.

No stranger to start-ups, Martin's entrepreneurial spirit has nurtured, shaped and prepped several technology and entertainment companies for ultimate investment and/or acquisition.

Martin's interest in the slate Tablet PC form factor began when he co-founded PaceBlade Technology USA, the US distribution arm for the PaceBlade line of Tablet PCs, the first generation slate style touch screen Tablet PCs.

In 2002, after PaceBlade was sold to Tulip Computers of Holland, Martin co-founded TabletKiosk to provide continued Tablet development and support for his existing customer base.

In his leadership roles at start-up companies including Paceblade USA, Animated Health Solutions, After Hours Software (Sold to Aldus Computers/ Adobe), Play Inc. (Sold to GlobalStreams) and Intracorp where he was brought in to prepare the company for IPO, Martin developed his passion for serial entrepreneurship and the hectic pace of building businesses from scratch. Additionally, Martin is proud that is recognized for being the chief bottle washer and prankster at every business he has ever managed.

As a recognized expert in the enterprise hardware community, he currently serves as a Board Member on the Intel Channel Board of Advisors where is known for his hands-on approach to problem solving and sometimes inappropriate commentary.

photo of Ronni Silverman

Ronna K Silverman

Vice President, Global Operations

When she's not at work Ronni is a real softie whose favorite movies are Finding Nemo and Miracle on 34th Street.

Ronni co-founded TabletKiosk after a 15+ year career overseeing Sales and New Business Development for several educational and gaming software companies including Grolier, Time Warner Interactive and Print Packs, a start-up software company that Mattel purchased in 1999. But it was Ronni's early background in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Sales provided the building blocks for her current role as the VP of Global Operations at TabletKiosk.

Ronni is an overachiever. After graduating from Northern Arizona University, Ronni entered the acclaimed JC Penney Management Training program in Florida. After completing the program, Ronni was immediately promoted to Department Manager and supervised three different departments over a 5 year span.

A stickler for details, frugal spending and creative thinking, Ronni can often be found brainstorming with the sales team about unearthing new sales avenues. She also currently oversees the day-to-day operations of the Human Resources, Logistics and Purchasing departments at TabletKiosk.

In her free time, you're likely to find Ronni working out in the gym or crafting an awesome costume for her son's elementary school project.

photo of Mary Givens

Mary Givens

Chief Financial Officer

Mary keeps her head in the books spends hours staring at spreadsheets. Occasionally, you can convince her to take a break by offering to take her on an ice-cream run.

Mary has been an integral member of TabletKiosk since the company's founding. In fact, she worked alongside Martin and Ronni in the early days, unloading boxes, recording serial numbers and taking inventory when the company's first product shipment was delivered to Martin's garage in 2003.

After 15 years of working in senior leadership roles at Malibu Networks, ASI Market Research Inc. and at Arthur Anderson, Mary felt that the time was right to embrace her entrepreneurial spirit, so she put hung up her business suits, rolled up her sleeves and joined the TabletKiosk family.

When Mary's not crunching numbers, she enjoys skiing, mud runs and acting as “team mom” (volunteering) at her kids' school.

photo of Gene Ueunten

Gene Ueunten

Vice President, Service and Logistics

Gene is the “McGyver” of TabletKiosk. Give him a piece of sheet metal, a napkin a rubber band and a pencil and he can probably create a working microcontroller or an ice fishing contraption.

Gene originally joined TabletKiosk in March, 2006, as the Customer Service Manager, and continues to take on new job functions as the company grows. Over the past eight years, Gene has been involved with nearly every aspect of day-to-day operations of the company including managing the Support and Logistics team, acting as a liaison between the US and Taiwan offices, work with R&D team to come up with new ideas, provide solutions and help layout the TabletKiosk product roadmap.

Due to his outside interest in Arduino, machining, fabrication and CNC manufacturing, Gene has been known to construct early samples of mock-ups and accessory models from his garage workshop.

Before signing over his life to TabletKiosk, Gene worked almost 10 years for Maritz Marketing Research as a Systems Administrator and then for Hiner & Partners (formerly Flexo, Hiner & Partners) for 5 years as Director of IT. He graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration - Computer Information Systems from California State Polytechnic University Pomona. On weekends when he's not in the office, he'll always make time for ice hockey, tinkering, fishing and fast cars.