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Sahara Slate PC i575/i535 and Sahara NetSlate a525 Trade-up Program

Trade-up Program Overview

To celebrate the recent releases of our newest Sahara branded Tablet PCs, TabletKiosk is offering an exciting trade-up program. For a limited time, trade in any previous generation Sahara Slate PC or Sahara NetSlate Tablet PC and receive up to $500 towards the purchase of a new Sahara Slate PC i535, Sahara Slate PC i575, or Sahara NetSlate a525 Tablet PC. This offer includes free return shipping of your trade-up.

TabletKiosk will also consider accepting competing brands of Tablet PCs for trade-up credit on a case-by-case basis. Please contact TabletKiosk at 310-782-1201 for more information and to receive a competitive authorization code to use in place of a serial number in the Trade-up Request Form below.

Sahara Trade-up Program Request Form

To take advantage of this Trade-up Program, please fill out the form below as completely as possible. Any missing required information may delay or disqualify your participation in this program.

Fields marked with a * are required.


Sahara Trade-up Promotion Terms & Conditions

  1. Upon receipt of the online form, TabletKiosk will send out a Trade-up Authorization Number and a pre-paid shipping label (for U.S. customers only) to return the registered Sahara Slate PC or Sahara NetSlate tablet back to our facility. Return Shipping Address:

    2832 Columbia Street
    Torrance, CA 90503
    Attn: Sahara Trade-up Program

  2. Customer is responsible for securely packing their existing tablet and sending it back to TabletKiosk using the pre-paid return shipping label. Be sure to carefully and securely package up your tablet, as TabletKiosk will not accept responsiblity for any damage or loss incurred before your tablet arrives at our facility.
  3. The following items should be included with your trade-up.
    1. Sahara Slate PC or Sahara NetSlate Tablet PC with a readable serial number. This stickers should not be removed, scratched off or manipulated in any way.
    2. Any User's Guides, Quick Start Guides, cords, batteries, accessories and packaging that came with the product. Missing items may impact the trade-up value offered.
    3. Trade-up Authorization Number (you will receive in a confirmation e-mail sent after successfully submitting the Trade-up Form below) written clearly on the outside of the shipping box.
  4. Customer is responsible for backing up and removing all personal data from their Tablet PC before sending it back to TabletKiosk. Under no circumstances shall TabletKiosk be liable for loss of any data or media from products returned to us for trade-up or recycling.
  5. After the customer's trade-up tablet is received by TabletKiosk, service personnel will examine it to determine the system's condition and corresponding trade-up credit amount. Please use this table as a guide for determining the range of your trade-up credit amount.


    Maximum trade-up value for working tablet with all accessories. Minimum Trade-up value
    Sahara Slate PC i200/i215 $110.00 $55.00
    Sahara NetSlate a230 $110.00 $55.00
    Sahara Slate PC i412 $250.00 $125.00
    Sahara Slate PC i440 $275.00 $150.00
    Sahara NetSlate a510 $250.00 $125.00
    Sahara Slate PC i520 $325.00 $175.00
    Sahara Slate PC i550 $500.00 $200.00
  6. Trade-up credit can only be applied to new purchases of the Sahara NetSlate a525, Sahara Slate PC i535 or Sahara Slate PC i575 from October 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. Customers who have previously purchased one of the new Sahara NetSlate or Sahara Slate PC Tablet PCs may be eligible for trade-up credit towards compatible accessories. Please contact your TabletKiosk Sales Representative for more information.
  7. All trade-up credit will be in the form of TabletKiosk credit voucher which will be applied to the purchase of a new Sahara NetSlate a525, Sahara Slate PC i535 or Sahara Slate PC i575 Tablet PC. Multiple credit vouchers may not be applied toward the purchase of a single tablet. One trade-up credit voucher per new single tablet purchase only.
  8. The trade-up credit voucher has no monetary value and it may not be exchanged for cash. The age, condition and the original accessories included with your Tablet PC will affect the trade-up value. To maximize the credit for your trade-up, make sure you return any accessories originally included in the box with your device, such as cables, stylus and batteries. Compatible accessories purchased separately are not eligible for this promotion and should not be returned for trade-up credit.
  9. Once the trade-up is complete, the sale is final and no returns will be offered.
  10. Customer agrees to pay for return shipping of their Tablet PC if trade-up credit offer is not accepted.
  11. Customer has ten (10) business days to supply TabletKiosk with return shipping information and payment to cover shipping charges. If the information is not received within ten (10) business days, TabletKiosk may, at its discretion, automatically apply the offered trade-up credit to the customer's account and the trade-up offer will be considered accepted and executed.
  12. This Sahara trade-up promotion is valid only in the United States and Canada. We are only able to offer free shipping to customers within the United States.
  13. TabletKiosk reserves the right to revise the Trade-up Program terms, conditions and trade-up values at any time without notice, and also may suspend or terminate the Trade-up Program at any time without further notice.

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